Things you have no idea about the function of your air conditioner

We use our air conditioner, but we don’t know its mechanical functionality. We never even think about our air conditioner’s condition after regularly providing us cool air for so long. You must be aware of certain things in your air conditioner that you are unaware of. So let’s find out the points we don’t know about.

  • Dirty Filters Kill Airflow and Efficiency

Air filters are always not about air quality but airflow and efficiency. After months of using an air conditioner, its filters need to be replaced to keep your Ac functioning properly. When the filter gets dirtier, the comfort and the cooling that the system uses to provide decreases; this overuse will increase your bills. Why pay more for the worse performance of your Ac? So regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Melbourne is required to keep your Ac in healthy condition.

  • Regular maintenance is vital

Whether you are a perfectionist or not doesn’t matter, but as you need food to survive, your Ac needs maintenance to stay in a good state. Waiting till your Ac breakdown down and then calling a professional technician for repair can create trouble for your pocket, so try to deal with the common issues and maintain your Ac. You won’t face any problems as Commercial Heating Repair in Melbourne is easily available in the market.

  • The condenser and compressor must stay clean and clear

The condenser coil is usually found in the outdoor unit, and the refrigerant goes through the process of returning from gas to liquid. However, a compressor raises the pressure of the refrigerant and moves it along. If the condenser and compressor are clean, it helps Central Ducted Heating and Cooling Melbourne. All the sides of the unit should be kept clear of leaves, dirt, grass, hanging branches, or anything else. Just make sure any plants or obstacles shouldn’t touch them.

  • Technology plus thermostat

With this, your air conditioner will give you customizable and seamless comfort. When you are away, it will raise the temperature while reducing heat. It contains Reverse Cycle Ducted Heating and Cooling Melbourne technology, which helps deal with heat. It is customizable; you can set it according to your comfort level in your home.

Hitech Air Solution is the best option if you find a good service repair for your Ac. From the above blog, we learned about things we are unaware of about the functioning of air conditioners and the mandatory installation, such as Evaporative Cooling Installation

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner vs Ducted Air Conditioning: Which is the Best?

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home can be challenging at times. Most people get confused between ducted air conditioners and reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling Melbourne. In this blog, you will explore the benefits of both air conditioners. Understanding the benefits of both will help you in making the right decision.

Benefits of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Offer Efficient Cooling and Heating of Rooms

The reverse cycle air conditioners can heat as well as cool your rooms. The heating mode of the unit can help in keeping your home warm during the chilly winters. It absorbs the outdoor air and warms the air inside your room effectively. On the other hand, the cooling mode helps in keeping your room cold in the hot summers. It absorbs the inside air and dissipates it outside, thereby cooling your room.

Flexible and Adaptable

The reverse cycle air conditioners come with advanced inverter technology. It helps the air conditioners to easily adapt to any condition and temperature of the room. It works steadily without any fluctuations and offers uninterrupted comfort to the residents.

Purifies the Air

The reverse cycle air conditioners not only cool or heat your home but also help in the purification of the air. The built-in filter of the system absorbs the airborne particles and helps in purifying the air inside.

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

Suitable for Larger Spaces

One of the major benefits of ducted heating and cooling Melbourne is that it is ideal for larger spaces. It can help in cooling the large rooms in much less time. It can provide you with optimum comfort and convenience.

Easy to Control

Another benefit of central ducted heating and cooling in Melbourne is that it is easy to control. With a press of a button, you can easily control the functioning of the system.

Less Noise

The ducted air conditioning systems produce less noise while operating. Without any noise, you can have a peaceful and comfortable sleep at night while enjoying the cooling effect of the system.


Now that you know the benefits of both, making the right choice will be easy for you. Consider the different aspects and make the right choice. Whether you are looking for gas ducted heating installation Melbourne or duct fixing Melbourne, Hitech Air Solution is the right choice. The company can also help you with duct work installation Melbourne. Hire the experts and avail the best installation and repair services.