Refrigerated Cooling

If you are in the market for an aircon solution, it’s fundamental to know that there are two categories of air conditioning products: Refrigerated Cooling and evaporative cooling. The concept with the refrigerated cooling system is that it sends hot air outside and returns air that has been cooled using refrigerants throughout the premises, including various ducts and wall-mounted units. Hitech Air Solution understands the importance of creating a comfortable and refreshing indoor environment for our valued customers. Hence, we provide the right solution for a refrigerated cooling system that meets all your Split Air-Conditioning Installation in Melbourne and Victoria regions. Our skilled team is an expert in installing, maintaining, repairing, or replacing your cooling system to deliver exceptional service.

We take the time to assess your specific requirements and provide personalized recommendations for refrigerated cooling that align with your budget and preferences. With industry-leading expertise, you can trust us to install your aircon system efficiently and effectively, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. Moreover, we repair air conditioning systems and always avail a qualified expert with the technical know-how to solve aircon issues no matter the brand. When you call for repair or servicing requirements, a qualified expert will always analyze your issue and record all necessary information rather than speak to a machine. Our commitment to using high-quality replacement parts ensures that your system receives the best possible repairs, restoring its functionality and efficiency in no time.


Advantages of installing a refrigerated air conditioning system:

  • An ideal solution for humid conditions
  • Extremely efficient systems for delivering 1.5 to more than 3 units of cooling for every unit of electricity they consume
  • It’s a better solution for allergies than evaporative units
  • When it’s a reverse cycle unit, this can work as a heater


Contact us today to schedule your refrigerated cooling service with Hitech Air Solution. Our expert team is always on standby to address your cooling system needs and provide you with a comfortable, refreshing indoor environment.


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