VRV System

Air conditioning systems with variable refrigerant volumes (VRV) are incredibly effective at precisely controlling the temperature inside commercial establishments. Different temperatures might require maintenance in different parts of the structure, such as rooms or zones. Our well-constructed VRV system installation frequently helps areas with adverse heating and cooling demands and can, as a result, transfer extra heat from places that need cooling to places that need heating. and We have years of experience in Air Conditioning Maintenance in Melbourne and Victoria regions/.

Advantages of VRV System:

  • Easier to install

Systems can reduce or completely eliminate the need for airflow ducting, making them more practical and less difficult to install in small spaces.

  • High energy efficiency

VRV technology produces exceptionally high efficiencies by changing the indoor units’ coolant flow following the particular locations’ precise requirements.

  • Heat recovery

Several outside units may be linked to improving system performance, increasing the chance of heat recovery.

  • Sophisticated controls

With the help of smart controls, the system may be optimised, and users are given full control over their immediate surroundings without affecting other regions the system serves.

  • Smart features

A VRF system can monitor system performance, provide service and maintenance warnings, and deliver each air handler with the appropriate flow of coolant based on its operational needs.

With years of experience in the HVAC sector in Melbourne, Victoria, Hitech Air  Solution has the skills and understanding to provide VRV air conditioning systems that are affordable to install, simple to use, and cost-effective to run throughout the system. Our single VRV outdoor unit provides several interior units linked to it by a network of copper pipes that hold the coolant in its most basic configuration. Moreover, indoor units are suitable for several applications since they come in various forms and sizes. We can develop and implement energy-efficient solutions appropriate for every application due to our extensive experience in the industrial sector in Victoria or nearby regions.


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