Smart Zoning System

A smart zoning system can be something to consider if one area in your house is much cooler than others. Using our heating and cooling zoning system, you can regulate the perfect temperature in various parts of your house. It lessens the effects of outside heat inside your house. Additionally, our Smart Zoning System features a WI-FI controller. As a result, you can effortlessly control your house’s temperature and turn on and off your zones from your phone, whether at home or on the road.

Advantages of smart zoning system:

  • Increased Convenience

Smart zoned systems are well-known for their convenience because from anywhere, you can control them. This enables you to create a perfect interior environment before entering the house.

  • Improved Energy Efficiency

Setting up separate areas with unique thermostats for each area that isn’t used frequently will help cut down on energy consumption, money, and the price of electricity.

  • Quieter Heating and Cooling

A smart zoned system allows you to deliver the heated or cooled air where you need it at a given time. The sudden loud and annoying sound can therefore be minimized.

  • Easy installation

Smart ductless zoning systems are often small and easily fit inside the zones. A ductless system includes two units with one system, i.e., into one heat pump for easy set-up.

  • Reduces Maintenance Cost

Since every room doesn’t have to be cooled or heated at once, less energy is used. In turn, service and maintenance expenses are decreased.

Hitech Air Solution can assist you in determining the best options For Evaporative Cooling Installation Melbourne, Victoria, home if you’re considering making these adjustments. Without interfering with your daily routine, we can install a zoning system in your house for an affordable rate. We also provide Victoria or nearby region services and maintenance plans for indoor air quality.





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