7 Ways to Achieve HVAC Energy Efficiency

The HVAC system is a major part of a building. It controls the environmental conditions to develop heating and cooling comfortable spaces within the building. An Air Conditioning Repair Melbourne will help you to know the goals to achieve energy efficiency.


Expanding the Insulation Space

The insulating factor of the building should be ensured. The building needs to be well insulated with increased space. When the home has been properly insulated, the chance of air escaping reduces. Due to this factor, the HVAC system won’t have to work harder to cool or heat the building.


Usage of Aero seal Duct Sealing

When your Evaporative Cooling Installation Melbourne has a leakage, the HVAC unit won’t perform effectively as the air escapes in such conditions. This can further become an expensive issue for maintenance. The leakage issue can be solved by using Aero seal, and it can fill the holes and cracks that cause leakage. It will also prevent further leakage.


Regular Maintenance 

The HVAC system usually faces repair issues due to the lack of regular maintenance. Maintenance needed to be performed at the start of every season and its end. The service Gas Ducted Heating Installation Melbourne provides regular maintenance. The self-inspection on a daily basis is necessary to check the system’s working. Regular maintenance will help you further to avoid system failure.


Changing Air Filters

The air filters of the HVAC system usually get clogged with dust, dirt, and debris. When the dirt particles are stuck, the system gets pressured to work harder and will be forced to do the work, which will consume more energy. Therefore, cleaning the air filters and changing them when required is necessary. When the filters are changed, along with Smart Zoning Installations and Service Melbourne will consume less energy, and the system will function best.


Cleaning Drain Lines

When the drain lines are, it will make the residential HVAC system more energy-efficient. You can use chlorine bleach throughout the drain lines to clean them. Then you can use later water to rinse them. When the step is followed seasonally, the drain will remain clean and not get flooded.


Choose a Right-Sized System

When you choose the HVAC system, size really matters. When you install a small system, it will work harder to meet the requirement of the space. A big system will also consume a lot of energy. Therefore, you need to contact a professional of Hitech Air Solution before installation.


Installation of Controlled Thermostat

The thermostat, which is programmable and controlled, can result in energy-efficient HVAC units. These systems will automate the temperature requirement.



These essential ways will help you achieve energy efficiency. This will let the HVAC system perform in maintaining energy control.

7 Ways to Achieve HVAC Energy Efficiency

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